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Plug-in Circuit Board Housings

Cadlow Catalogue | Plastic Enclosures |  Plug-in Circuit Board Housings

Plug-in Housings  Plug-in Housings

Housings suitable for controllers, programmers or timers and designed for quick replacement of the electronics in the event of a fault. Moulded in the base is an edge connector (12 or 16 way). The cover has two internal slots for circuit boards one of which mates with the connector in the base. A plastic plate clips into the bottom of the cover to secure the circuit boards in place and protect the board components. Cable entry to the base is through the PVC diaphragm grommets or the 15mm diameter knock-outs. A recess (0.6mm deep) in the top of the cover is provided for a flush fitting label or membrane keypad.

Standard Colour:
ABS cover and cover plate - light grey (RAL7035) Base black Noryl.

Temperature Range:
-20 to 80 C

Environmental Protection:

Gold plated, resistance < 10m Ohm. Current rating per contact: 5A max. Circuit board thickness: 1.6 to 2.0mm.

TS = clip to mount the housing on 35mm symmetrical DIN rail.
J = jumper to connect two adjacent connector contacts.
CB = clip-in coding bar to fit between contacts.

  • L = Length in mm
  • B = Breadth in mm
  • H = Height in mm
  • Contacts = Number of contacts
  • PDF = PDF Drawing
  • DXF = DXF CAD drawing
Order Code L B H ContactsPDF DXF
MBZA 12 112.0 52.0 106
MBZA 16 150.0 75.0 106

All dimensions are external and in mm.
These products are RoHS compliant.

Cadlow Catalogue | Plastic Enclosures |  Plug-in Circuit Board Housings

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